An open letter to François Hollande
François Hollande

An open letter to François Hollande

He spent more time in prison than Nelson Mandela. He is the oldest political prisoner in Europe and probably one of the longest held in the world. On 24 October 2013, he will begin his thirtieth year of detention. Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was sentenced Oct. 24, 1987 to life imprisonment.

He may receive a parole since 1999. And yet, even though Lebanon was willing to accept it, he was denied eight times this request.

This refusal is particularly outrageous that in 1985, as part of negotiations for the release of a French hostage, the highest authorities of France had accepted his release. They have not kept their word. This outraged the former Director of the Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DST), the prefect Yves Bonnet: “This injustice has gone on long enough and it has exceeded reasonable limits. We put him on a plane and we sent him home, in Lebanon, where the authorities are willing to accept it. “(Statement 24 France, 28 December 2011).

That is why, Mr. President, we ask you to put an end to this injustice and take action, regardless of foreign pressure, so he can be released and join Lebanon.


Christmas Mamère, deputy mayor of Begles

Serge Janquin, deputy mayor of Labuissiere

Danielle Bidard-Reydet, Honorary Senator

Sergio Coronado, Member of French outside France

Patrick Braouezec, Honorary Member of Parliament

Nathalie Goulet, Senator

Bally Bagayoko, vice president of the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis

François Asensi, deputy mayor of Tremblay-en-France

Stéphane Gatignon, mayor of Sevran

Jean-Claude Lefort, Honorary Member

André Chassaigne, deputy of Puy-de-Dome

Nicole Borvo, Honorary Senator

Jacques Perreux, Regional Councillor

Rose-Marie Saint-Germ-Akar, Regional Councillor

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