Hezbollah Calls for Widest Campaign of Solidarity with Struggler George Abdallah
Vice president of the political office in Hezbollah Mahmoud Kamati during a press conference in solidarity with Abdallah

Hezbollah Calls for Widest Campaign of Solidarity with Struggler George Abdallah

Hezbollah criticized Monday the French authorities’ repeated tardiness in releasing Lebanese struggler Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, and considered it a result of “the American Administration’s blackmail campaign in this case”.

In a statement it issued, Hezbollah Media Relations indicated that “this new French measure is excessiveness in the series of oppression which this struggling hero is being exposed to, and which began with his arrest and continued with his detention without any legal document.”

Hezbollah further considered that “the French authorities’ constant surrender to the American Administration and the Zionist entity’s desires and considering them orders that must be implemented, show the meagerness of all these authorities’ claims of sovereignty and freedom of decision.”

The party stressed that the “French stance reassures the falsity of all claims about judiciary’s independence and the value of justice’s supremacy in western countries whose leaders lecture on law, values, and equality before justice.”

From here, Hezbollah welcomed talks about releasing Abdallah, and assured that “if this release took place, it would be a victory for right, and recognition to the abusiveness in his arrest and jail.”

Moreover, as the statement expressed Hezbollah’s concern that “the American Administration and Zionist entity’s intervention in this case would lead to further tardiness,” it emphasized that “this requires high levels of alertness from the Lebanese official authorities”.

It assured that the latter should follow up this topic and its developments, and take the right actions to confront the American and Zionist blatant absolutism, and the French droop.

Hezbollah also called for “the widest political and public campaign of solidarity with struggler Abdallah during the coming decisive period in his case.”

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

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