How to help


Georges’s case is not over! 
As his legal team does its work, the international movement for Georges’s freedom needs your help and support.There are many ways that you can deliver this help and support.

Volunteer with an organizing committee:

You can Contact Us at one of the local organizing committees, and we can work together to deterine ways in which you would like to lend us your time, passion, skills, and expertise.

Organize and/or host an event:

You can host an event at your home, or organize one in your  school, union, community center, or other local venue.

We have developed materials available on our website, such as informational documents about Georges’s case. We also have produced DVDs containing multiple videos about the case, which we can be used to organize a screening in your community. And we look forward to working with you to develop additional informational flyers, brochures, and other materials to publicize and raise awareness of Georges’s wrongful incarceration.

We can help you organize forums, discussions, press conferences, concerts and other creative performances, rallies, protests, and marches.

You can also write articles or letters to the editor about Georges’s case and submit it to your community newspaper, many of whom are starved for content.

We also encourage supporters to develop new creative and innovative strategies for raising public awareness about Georges’s case and its deep connection to the arbitrary detention in France and elsewhere.

Georges Abdallah and many other prisoners are just prominent examples of France political prisoners and other victims of programs which continue to target radical activists.

Writing to Georges Abdallah:

Writing to Georges Abdallah and to other political prisoners is one of the key ways that you can help sustain them in their struggle to resist the torture of isolation and the brutality of the prison system.

Knowing that people care about and support them in their struggles, both political and personal, is invaluable in helping them maintain their dignity, resolve, and sense of connection to the communities which they are struggling for.

In this way, you can lend your support to leaders like Georges Abdallah, who has survived over 30 years of death-row isolation and torture, and has never waivered in his commitment to the movement, to the struggle for his cause – writing numerous commentaries, as well as providing the wealth of audio commentaries available at the:

Georges Abdallah Speaks 

You can write to Georges at:

Mr. Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH 
CP de Lannemezan 
204 rue des Saligues 
BP 70166 

Donating and helping us raise funds:

Donating to the movement is particularly helpful in our organizing efforts. All donations go directly to the International Campaign to Free Georges Abdallah (ICFGA) .

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and is an enormous help to the movement to free Georges Abdallah.

No amount is too small to help!

Please click on the donate to make a contribution.


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