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Yves BONNET testimony about Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Yves Bonnet, former director of the DST (direction de la surveillance du territoire), said in an interview: “It is abnormal and outrageous to keep Georges Ibrahim Abdallah imprisoned . He also believes that “he had the right to claim the acts committed by farl as acts of resistance. to remember the context of the massacres of Sabra and Shatila whose perpetrators ... Read More »

Activists chant “Free Georges” while François Hollande inaugurate a bridge

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Free Georges Abdallah: Protest, Beirut, July 14, 2012

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Sofiane Ghaza sing for Georges Abdallah

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Georges Ibrahim Abdalah – documentary part 1

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Georges Abdallah supporters rally before French Embassy

Photo credit: Marwan Bouhaidar alakhbar

The International Campaign to Release Georges Abdallah is organizing a protest on Sunday 27 October 2013 before the French Embassy in Beirut at 12.30 p.m. The event marks the 30th  anniversary of the detention of Abdallah.     Read More »


Photo credit: www.courdecassation.fr

  No M 13-80.447 FS-P+B GT CASSATION SANS RENVOI M. LOUVEL président, REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE AU NOM DU PEUPLE FRANCAIS No 1765 4 AVRIL 2013 LA COUR DE CASSATION, CHAMBRE CRIMINELLE, en son audience publique tenue au Palais de justice à PARIS, a rendu l’arrêt suivant : Statuant sur le pourvoi formé par : – Le procureur général près la cour ... Read More »

Georges Abdallah: Three Decades of Birthdays in French Prison

The Abdallah family no longer believes the promises of the French government, which has repeatedly postponed Georges’ release.

By: Bassam Alkantar Yesterday, Lebanese prisoner Georges Abdallah turned 62 inside the French Lannemezan Prison, but there was no birthday cake or celebration. Abdallah, the longest serving political prisoner in a European prison, spent the day on a hunger strike in solidarity with Basque prisoners protesting the death of Xabier Lopez Peña on Saturday. On 24 October 2012, Abdallah marked his ... Read More »

Building Solidarity for Georges Abdallah

By: Joseph Abdallah Published Wednesday, February 13, 2013 On 21 November 2012, a French court finally ordered the release of Georges Abdallah from prison and his immediate return to his country of origin, Lebanon. French Minister of Interior Manuel Valls was given until 14 January 2013 to sign the deportation papers, which he has refused to do until this day. ... Read More »

Activists rename Clemenceau street after Georges Abdallah

A sign formerly indicating Clemenceau street was replaced by a graffiti reading "Georges Abdallah street" (Photo: Marwan Tahtah)

A group named “Comrades of Georges Abdallah” took to the streets of Beirut on Thursday night to graffiti over French street names and replace them with “Georges Abdallah Street.” Signs indicating Clemenceau and Charles de Gaulle streets were painted over in black with new inscriptions painted next to them, in the latest action by Abdallah supporters to protest the Lebanese ... Read More »

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