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  No M 13-80.447 FS-P+B GT CASSATION SANS RENVOI M. LOUVEL président, REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE AU NOM DU PEUPLE FRANCAIS No 1765 4 AVRIL 2013 LA COUR DE CASSATION, CHAMBRE CRIMINELLE, en son audience publique tenue au Palais de justice à PARIS, a rendu l’arrêt suivant : Statuant sur le pourvoi formé par : – Le procureur général près la cour ... Read More »

French court strikes down Georges Abdallah’s release

A file picture taken on 3 July 1986 shows former Lebanese militiaman George Ibrahim Abdallah and famous French lawyer Jacques Verges (in foreground) during his trial for being an accomplice in the murder of two diplomats including Charles Ray of the US and Israeli Yacov Barsimantov, for which Abdallah was condemned to life prison. (Photo: AFP)

France’s highest appeals court has struck down a decision to release Georges Abdallah, 62, jailed in French prisons for 29 years, calling the Lebanese prisoner’s request for parole “irreceivable” on legal grounds. He was granted parole on 21 November 2012, but the prosecution appealed the decision, and France has come under mounting pressure from the US and Israel to block ... Read More »

Georges Abdallah: Three Decades of Birthdays in French Prison

The Abdallah family no longer believes the promises of the French government, which has repeatedly postponed Georges’ release.

By: Bassam Alkantar Yesterday, Lebanese prisoner Georges Abdallah turned 62 inside the French Lannemezan Prison, but there was no birthday cake or celebration. Abdallah, the longest serving political prisoner in a European prison, spent the day on a hunger strike in solidarity with Basque prisoners protesting the death of Xabier Lopez Peña on Saturday. On 24 October 2012, Abdallah marked his ... Read More »

Activists protest delays in Georges Abdallah release

Lebanese-Palestinian artist Kassem Istanbouli participated in a demonstration on 03 March 2013 to denounce Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s continued imprisonment. (Photo: Chloé Benoist)

Dozens of activists demonstrated near the French embassy in Beirut Sunday to denounce the latest delays in the case of imprisoned Lebanese leftist Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. More than 50 demonstrators rallied early Sunday afternoon, after a French court postponed a hearing to discuss Abdallah’s parole Thursday, more than six weeks after he was due to be released. Abdallah, 61, was ... Read More »

France postpones hearing over Georges Abdallah release, again

Supporters of George Abdallah protest in front of the French embassy in Beirut on Jan. 14, 2013. (The Daily Star/Mahmoud Kheir)

A French court on Thursday postponed for the second time a hearing to discuss the parole of jailed Lebanese Marxist Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, more than six weeks after he was due to be released from a 28-year incarceration. The court now says it will hear the case on March 21. Activists in Lebanon have called for a gathering outside the ... Read More »

Activists rename Clemenceau street after Georges Abdallah

A sign formerly indicating Clemenceau street was replaced by a graffiti reading "Georges Abdallah street" (Photo: Marwan Tahtah)

A group named “Comrades of Georges Abdallah” took to the streets of Beirut on Thursday night to graffiti over French street names and replace them with “Georges Abdallah Street.” Signs indicating Clemenceau and Charles de Gaulle streets were painted over in black with new inscriptions painted next to them, in the latest action by Abdallah supporters to protest the Lebanese ... Read More »

Abdallah decision delayed, protest outside French mission

Supporters of George Abdallah protest in front of the French embassy in Beirut on Jan. 14, 2013. (The Daily Star/Mahmoud Kheir)

A French court reportedly postponed the hearing in the case of George Abdallah to Feb. 28 as dozens of supporters of the 61-year-old Lebanese militant protested outside the French embassy in Beirut. Riot police were out in force outside the French mission to stop any potential unrest as some 200 friends and family of Abdallah assembled outside the embassy offices ... Read More »

Georges Abdallah release imminent

Palestinian supporters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) take part in a protest outside the French Cultural Center calling for the release of Lebanese militant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah (portrait left) and Ahmed Saadat, leader PFLP, in Gaza City on 21 January 2013. (Photo: AFP - Mahmud Hams)

The tide is progressively turning towards the release and deportation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah back to Lebanon, according to a senior French source to al-Hayat, The fate of the Lebanese leftist is currently being discussed by “top French leaders,” the pan-Arab newspaper reported, and seem to point towards an imminent liberation of the Lebanese leftist, who has been imprisoned in France ... Read More »

Palestinians in Gaza protest for Georges Abdallah release

Demonstrators outside the French Cultural Center in Gaza City on 21 January 2013. (Photo: PFLP.PS)

Dozens of Palestinian leftists rallied outside the French Cultural Center in Gaza City on Monday to demand the immediate release of Lebanese prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. Protesters chanted anti-French slogans and carried banners of the former-Marxist rebel who has been jailed in France for over 28 years. They also tagged walls around the cultural center with graffiti reading “Freedom to ... Read More »

French cultural offices in Lebanon close over Georges Abdallah rallies

Demonstrators across Lebanon are calling delays to Georges Abdallah's release a 'politicization of justice.' (Photo: Al-Akhbar - Haitham Moussawi)

Hundreds of protesters rallied in front of French cultural institutes across Lebanon Thursday to denounce the recent delays in the release Lebanese leftist Georges Abdallah, who has been jailed in France for 28 years French institutes in Saida, Tripoli, Nabatiyeh, Baalbek and Tyre were all closed in anticipation of the protests. Supporters of Abdallah held banners denouncing what they call ... Read More »

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