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Georges Ibrahim Abdalah – documentary part 2

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Georges Ibrahim Abdalah – documentary part 1

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Provocative French lawyer Jacques Vergès dies aged 88

This picture taken on 26 April 2010 shows French lawyer Jacques Vergès at Beiruts' hotel during the launching of The International Campaign to Free Georges Abdallah (ICFGA) . (Photo: Al-akhbar)

Jacques Vergès, the French lawyer who earned the nickname “Devil’s advocate” by defending a series of high-profile cases including Carlos the Jackal and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, died in Paris on Thursday aged 88. Vergès died of a heart attack around 8:00pm in the house where 18th century enlightenment philosopher Voltaire once lived – an appropriate setting for an iconoclast who ... Read More »

French court strikes down Georges Abdallah’s release

A file picture taken on 3 July 1986 shows former Lebanese militiaman George Ibrahim Abdallah and famous French lawyer Jacques Verges (in foreground) during his trial for being an accomplice in the murder of two diplomats including Charles Ray of the US and Israeli Yacov Barsimantov, for which Abdallah was condemned to life prison. (Photo: AFP)

France’s highest appeals court has struck down a decision to release Georges Abdallah, 62, jailed in French prisons for 29 years, calling the Lebanese prisoner’s request for parole “irreceivable” on legal grounds. He was granted parole on 21 November 2012, but the prosecution appealed the decision, and France has come under mounting pressure from the US and Israel to block ... Read More »

Paris Continues to Extort Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

During that time, the French government managed to block the decision to free Abdallah using several bureaucratic pretexts. (Photo: AFP - Ana Arevalo)

By: Othman Tazghart Wednesday afternoon, a large crowd gathered outside Lannemezan prison in the southwest of France. They were commemorating the 28th anniversary of the arrest of the longest held Arab prisoner of conscience in France, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. One day earlier, Abdallah’s lawyer, Jacques Vergès, had stood facing the court, for the eighth time in nine years, to request ... Read More »

Georges Abdallah: Exposing the Farce of French Justice

Protesters gather in solidarity with Georges Abdallah in Beirut. Abdallah originally should have been released from prison after 18 months. But his case soon took a very different turn, leading to his conviction and life imprisonment. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah)

By: Othman Tazghart It is an open secret that radical rebel Georges Abdallah, largely ignored by western media, was illegally sentenced to life in prison close to three decades ago. But French authorities continue to insist on keeping him behind bars, even after he has completed his prison term. Paris – French authorities are insisting on keeping an ex-fighter in the Lebanese ... Read More »

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