The French City Bagnolet Honors Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

The French City Bagnolet Honors Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

A suburb of the French capital honored Georges Ibrahim Abdallah a Lebanese national sentenced to life in prison, in a controversial hearing, which was considered a stain on the French legal system.

A majority of the city council of Bagnolet east of the French capital voted on Wednesday to make the Lebanese citizen Georges Ibrahim Abdallah an honorary resident, calling him a “communist activist” and “political prisoner” who “belongs to the resistance movement of Lebanon, his country,” French media reported Friday.

Abdallah, a founder of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction, was detained in 1984. A French court sentenced him in 1987 to life in prison for “complicity in the assassinations” in 1982 of Charles R. Ray, a U.S. military attaché serving in Paris, and Yacov Bar-Simantov, a second counsellor at the Israeli embassy in Paris. The trial suffered from numerous flaws, beginning with using some of Abdallah’s lawyers to spy on him. Evidence against him was also fabricated retroactively by French, US and Israeli intelligence.

The motion passed by the council of Bagnolet, where the French Communist party enjoys a majority. In it, he is referred to as a “one of Europe’s last remaining political prisoners” and “determined defender of the Palestinian just cause.”

His release is being prevented “primarily because of the intervention of the U.S. government,” the motion read.

“To call for his liberation, the municipal council declares him an honorary citizen of Bagnolet,” it says.

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