Who are we

Who are we

This site serves as the official homepage of the

International Campaign to Free Georges Abdallah (ICFGA)

The International Campaign to Free Georges Abdallah (ICFGA) is the leading and central organization advocating for the immediate release of Georges Abdallah.  The (ICFGA) was founded in Beirut on 29 April 2010.

The  (ICFGA) is a collective of individuals and groups in the Lebanon, France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia, Argentina, Palestine, and several other countries organizing for the freedom of Georges Abdallah based on the overwhelming evidence of his right to be granted conditional release.

The movement to free George is large, diverse and is supported by:

  • Distinguished human rights organizations
  • Lebanese national and Islamic parties
  • French and Lebanese parliamentarians
  • Scholars, religious leaders, artists, and scientists
  • Labor unions

and by countless others who cherish and struggle for democracy, human rights, and justice – the world over.


Mr. Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH 
CP de Lannemezan 
204 rue des Saligues 
BP 70166 


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